Royal Palm Travel Dallas - Royal Palms is Now Grand Design Travel In AL

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Sequence of Events with Grand Design Travel – Starting on Saturday August 21st, 2010 .

Somewhere around the 1st week of August 2010, (just before my 69th birthday) we received a flyer in the mail (Exhibit A) inviting us the call the number on flyer. If we call within 72 hours we would receive the gifts listed. We called and set up an appointment for Saturday August 21st@ 12 noon.

We received an e-mail confirmation letter. (Exhibit B)

We received a phone call on Friday night August 20th reminding us of our appointment.

We arrived at Grand Design Travel in Gulf Shores around 11:45 AM, we filled out some paper work for the receptionist and she asks to see our driver license and credit card. She gave them back to us. We were then escorted in another room with a 9 other couples.( looking back on this I think there was one couple up front who might have been ringers they seem to know everything and were very friendly towards the guy making the presentation.) Kyle Stoops one of Design Travel salesmen sat down with us. All the other couples have a sales person at their table also. The presentation began with some guy in the front of room that sound to good be true he used an overhead projector with a bunch of slides. My wife and I were only interested in cruises, 3 things got our attention, and they only book balcony and suites, he mention hot tubes in the suites type cabins. He said they a had a 7 day Alaska balcony cabin for $666 and a 12 day Austrian cruise with 10 port of call for.$798.00 My wife wrote all this down on yellow pad. After the 45 minute presentation we were escorted in a small room with Kyle and I don't think, Kyle was high pressure enough so another guy came in to help. His name was Adam McBride this was a fast talking- high pressure salesman. If we bought the package today we could get the gifts listed and the Platinum level today only for a reduced price of$5593.00 which included a $399.00 set up charge and $199.00 yearly dues. (Exhibit C)

Like and couple of idiots after some discussion my wife and I sign up and give them our Credit Card we signed off on (Exhibit D 2 sided) and truth of lending sheet (Exhibit E) They gave us the promise gifts, the only one the worth anything was the $50.AX card but never the less they gave them to us. They said they would call us with a member number and password on Monday or Tuesday of the next week.

On Monday Aug 23rd, we got a call with our password and member number. After fighting if for about an hour, not a very friendly website we got on and began to get suspicious. We immediately call the phone number they gave us and ask about the Alaska Cruise and the Austrian Cruise, the lady took down our request and said someone one call me back. Got a call back on Tues Aug 24th,. No -12 day Austrian cruise she found a 7 day inside cabin for $1235.00 and a 7 day Alaska cruise for 1599.00 inside cabin.

I started checking the cruise lines web sites and could beat them on both I even found the 12 day Austrian cruise for about $ 1350.00. The lady that calls said there was none available. Another thing that made me suspicious was the lady would not tell me where they were located.

On the afternoon Monday 23rd I called the phone number for Great Design Travel 251-948-4068. Got their voice mail. Left message for Kyle Stoops to call me as soon as possible. He call me on Tuesday Aug 24th I told him that this program was not for us and I had found a lots of complaints on line. He said he could not refund my money but he would have his boss call me. The next day who would only give the name "Aanulfo"- Phone No 972-971-1315 he said I would not get a refund that I has signed a contract. If I could prove to him I could beat the price we would talk. I email him back and told him where to look and he said that was not prove. This is a real shady guy, he will not give you his full name, address and has an e-mail that he will not response to his email: Meanwhile we looked at the Navy Fed online for our account and saw that the charge was pending and try to stop it, the gentleman we talked with said he could not reverse it but we should fill out a complaint as soon as possible My wife went up on Tuesday Aug 24th to fill out the paper work to send to you folks. The folks at Navy Fed in Pace where very helpful and fax you the information that you have.

I contacted an attorney and he told us to work with you folks and get you what you need ASAP. He also told me to send a register letter, fax and email my request for refund All of which I did. I faxed every day over to Gulf Shores. (Exhibits' F & G)The attorney's name is Dan Stewart in Pace Fl. 850-994-4887.


Facts: Charge put on credit card Sat Aug 21st, 2010

Try to cancel on Monday Aug 23 after we got password

Monday night Aug 23rd tried to have charges reversed on Credit Card over phone with Navy Fed.

Tuesday morning wife went to Navy Fed to file complaint on credit card charge

Send faxed everyday to Gulf Shores

Friday sent register letter to outrigger travel club requesting refund

(Exhibits H) is all the contact information I have

(Exhibits I) wife's notes

You could not see what the deal was until you got the password on Monday.

There are a lot of complaints on line about Design Travel it appears that they change their name several times Also a lot of complaints about Outrigger Vacation Club.

We have all the so call gifts including the AX card and will return Design Travel.

If you folks can help me out of this, I will be indebted to you and rest assure it will never happen again.

This is a Scam and the people should be put in jail and we should be put in the *** house for buying it..

I know we are the *** ones for doing this!! You would think at 69 years old, one would know better.

Review about: Travel Membership.


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #190322

I was scamed last year, they called themselves Destinations Unlimited, same location in Gulf Shores, Al. File a complant with the Alabama AG and the Gulf Shores PD. We need to put these people out of business.


Royal Palm Travel Dallas - Royal Palm Travel are scam artist for Sea Land Travel

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I was taken for a ride.Royal Palm Travel offered me membership for 4000.00 including processing and annual fee through Sea Land Travel.

They promise you trips for unbelievable prices. I felt something was wrong on the drive home. I got some prices from travelocity and had them give me a price for the same trip. No surprise they were higher than what I found.

What they are selling is not what you are getting. They give you three days to get your money back with 15% of the membership and 399.00 processing fee. I am going to be out over $900.00. Once you sign up they give you a code to get on their membership website, however is past the three day cut off so if you want to check it out, it is too late and you are stuck paying the full amount.

They are scam artist just trying to get people's hard working money.

Review about: Travel Membership.





I was scammed for $5,000 in Gulf Shores, AL in June. Is it possible to get my money back?

Gasburg, Virginia, United States #184389

Sorry to say that my husband and I were scammed by these big talkers along with SeaLand Travel...big abroad at low, low discount rates if we were members...but realized too late that we can beat any of their 'deals' on the internet ourselves, without the $3000 membership fee. Beware!




Thanks guys - I just received the reservation call and thought I would look it up.I am tempted to go just to play along and then tell them no.

It's a wonder a scam like this can work with the internet traffic we have now but I guess it does.THANKS AGAIN!!


They are now doing business in Gulf Shores Alabama under the name of Grand Design Travel acting as agent for Outrigger Vacation Club which is one of the Royal Palm sub-names.They are using US Mail to send an invitation for free stuff if you go to their presentation IN GULF SHORES ALABAMA.

They have the noise factor, don't leave your side for more than a couple of seconds, have multiple people working on convincing you to purchase, rush you through the paperwork and telling you that they are reputitable. They are using RCI literiature, films of RCI properties and imply repeatedly that they are affiliated with RCI. They say you don't need to read through the paperwork/contract, just sign it. When you do have the opportunity to read the pages they have given you to take home, you find major differences and contradictions between what you thought you were getting and what you are going to get.

The telephone numbers you call give you the run-around, send you to voicemail that they don't subscribe to or send you to another telephone number. They are good at their scam. Took us for $3995.00 this past weekend. We contacted Bank Of America and sent a complaint.

They say they will investigate the company as possible fraud/scam. We are waiting for yet another telephone call to see if they are going to do the right thing and refund our money.

WEAR CHANEL 3, hope your reading this.Get your cameras ready, you might see a picket line at this NEW office location.


Off the Texas Sec. of State Website:

"All Inclusive Excursions" is an assumed name of "Royal Palms Travel, Incorporated" a Texas Corporation. Royal Palms only listed director is "Adrian Dale Miller" who may live at 1800 Hunters Ridge, Grapevine, TX 76051 or 4206 Buena Vista St., Apt. B, Dallas, TX 75205.

If you want to sue Royal Palms Travel, Incorporated itself or dba All Inclusive Excursions you can serve either with a lawsuit through its/their registered agent for process: CT Corporation System, 350 N. St. Paul Street, Dallas, Texas 75201. I am currently conducting an investigation into the actions of these entities and this person. Anyone who wants to be listed as a witness to a possible lawsuit against these entities please contact me at Please provide me with your contact information so that I may contact you.

fyi: Adrian Miller is also either the president or director of these current or defunct companies: VIVA VACTIONS, INC.; Finish Travel Management Company, Inc.; Babb & Miller, Inc., BEACHCOMER VACATIONS, INC.


Oh my - My husband and I went last night to the one at the Dallas Galleria.I can just say that everything said in these multiple posts are absolutely true!

We were lucky enough to smell the *** happening from the get-go. The entire setting just felt quite odd. You want me to give you $9,000 without knowing anything about your company or your product... AND, this is the absolute only day I can do it - can't leave the door, research and come back - COME ON GUYS!!!!

What was worse, most everyone in the room did it!!! There were about 7 couples. By the time we finally got the goons off our backs, 4 couples had already dropped the money, 2 were still considering when we finally got let out of prison - waiting on our "gift." We had to tell them many, many times it was not the money, it was not knowing who the heck they are. I could go on and on - it was quite amazing to me the number of people willing to part with so much money - very sad indeed.




i was contacted by a company Called Thompson Fuller by address etc as the marketing Co.

AIE Vacations in the Galleria.

Thought I would check on the net and these comments ARE what i FOUND.tHINK i WILL STAY AWAY


My wife and I just returned from a presentation in Fort Worth by All Inclusive blah blah.We heard most of the $$ figures previously posted.

Started at the top, no. Drop the price, no. Drop again, no. Well, now we can finance it all for 2.9% with Bank of America.

No I'm not going to finance a vacation membership. Now in a hushed voice, "Okay wait a minute while I check on something." While yet another girl, with her twin peaks staring at me, sits with us. He returns and says that he can drop the price and hold it for two yrs for $795 while we try the membership out and then take the 795 off the total when we sign up. Fortunately I was checking all the BBB info out on my iphone while he was talking.

We declined everything. The crazy thing was that there were a dizzying # of people back and forth to our table the whole time. Then we had to wait for a girl, apparently they only had one girl available, to get our "prize package" ready. They escorted us to the hall to give us a brochure from Premier Travel Rewards.

Other than it being a waste of time, it was actually quite entertaining the way they worked us but I'd rather had spent time with our kids at home. However, we did partake in the refreshments they promised us.

Candy on the table in the holding pen and cold water in the war zone room.Not that any of this info does any good after the fact so I hope someone reads it beforehand.


The contact company that is being used today is "Chapman Lane" - a 'shell' company which claims to be a law firm, but is nothing more than a member of the larger scam.

These guys seem to be capable of immense guile and larceny, I was called and contacted over a long series of time with the value of the 'reward' going up continuously. The last 'promise' they made over the phone was for free parking, a $100 gas card, a $50 dinner card and 2 r/t tickets worth up to $700 each. - I smelled a rat, and started to research things via the net.

Of course they are currently calling themselves "AIE Vacations" which has no traceable hits on the Web....hmmmmm, so next I called the base number that I had, not the direct extension of the 'personal advisor', I asked for the 'travel agency' phone number in Dallas.

I then used to do a reverse lookup on the number, and came up with "Royal Palm Travel" of Dallas, who if you search on it will practically set off bells in the search response. They have a BBB rating of "F"...kinda tells you something.

They are NOT a travel agency, they are scam artists, plain and simple. I actually travel alot, alot, and wanted to have a travel facility, but instead based on these comments, and the obvious nature of this enterprise will continue to seek the old-fashioned travel agency who gets paid to find the best deals for the customers, this is NOT the purpose of these "travel clubs" their purpose is to RIP YOU OFF, nothing else.


Again, I appreciate everyone WARNING the people out there.


We just got result of our dispute with the Credit Card.We are reinstated with Bon Voyage: it is amazing.

Credit cards companies rule for them although all the complaints.

Bon Voyage Travel has closed in Austin.They are moving to New Jersey for what they say.


Continuing my other post ...we did get the $50 American Express card and it apparently is good.

However they had "run out" of the other gifts and we are supposed to receive them in the mail in a couple weeks.Good thing they gave us the $50 or I would have stood outside their door and let the next group know not to go in.


We attended last night and went through the "process" - by the tame we left the price was $795 for a one year membership which included the $399 admin fee and the first year's $199 maint fee.Then if we chose to continue after the first year we could purchase a full platinum membership for about $2200.

We of course, did not buy, but it was pretty amazing to watch them come down from $9000 plus the other fees if we bought "today".I just hope they don't sell my credit card numbers to anyone as they did ask to see my card.


We did the same *** thing last Saturday.Now we are in the process of cancelling the deal and I faxed to them the cancellation in written.

Also I asked my credit card company to re-call the money.Hope they given up!

Their new name is All Inclusive Excursion, same office address,BBB website, they are also same company as Royal Palm Travel.

Do not believe those kind of TODAY deal!!!!


I ran into this group using the name SeaLand Travel. They were working out of an office in the Galleria, but the company headquarters is supposed to be in Missouri.

We were lured in by a slick sales pitch that offered us two free tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S. for 90 minutes of our time. It sounded too good to be true and it was. After the presentation, the high-pressure sales begin. You spend $8999.99 today and only $199 every year after that. We said we were not interested and our salesperson excused himself. Then another one took his place and started a new tack. He offered us a deal where we could pick up a membership that had been defaulted on for only $3226. It had all the benefits, but we could get it because we were such wonderful people. When we said no again, we got another sales rep. He lowered the price again. We went through more than hour of this with a total of FIVE sales reps explaining to us why we were fools to pass up this great offer. Of course, each one offered us a lower price. These were the same people that had already sold $9000 memberships to other couples in the room. And we were supposed to trust them?!

We finally insisted on leaving and were given our "free" tickets. They were, in fact, highly-restricted travel vouchers that will cost us at least $100 to use.

RUN, don't walk, if contacted by these *** artists!


Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #69128

We were one of the 2 couples that took the $1000 off deal.

I have filed complaints with the Attorney General offices in Alabama,Mississippi,Colorado and Missouri.Info I found out

Destinations Unlimited in Colorado.

Colorado has the "Colorado Consumer Protectin Act". They consider Travel Clubs as Buyers Club. On the Colorado Attorney Generals web site : Contract Cancellation Rights, Buyer club memberships may be cancelled in writing by the close of business on the next day.

SeaLand Travel Missouri

House Bill 83 section 12-20 "Assuming you have (not accessed any travel benefits and have)returned to the travel club all materials delivered to the purchaser at closing, you have the right to rescind this transaction for a period of 3 business days after the date of this agreement. To exercise the right of rescission, you must deliver to the travel club, either in person or by first class mail postmarked within the 3 business day period, at the address referenced in this contract, a written statement of your desie to rescind this transaction, and all materials of value that were provided and given to yu at the time of the purchase of your travel club membership"


Another ploy was to offer the first two couples to sign up $1000 reduction in the price....two couples *** on that in just 3-4 minutes. However we were answering "No" and in within 20 minutes the price for us had come down to $4995.


their is a company called sealand travel in gulf shores wife and i attended a meeting saturday august 22, 2009.

destinations unlimimited was the information i received over email from them.

we did not purchase, their were about 7 couples that attended.boy i glad we didn"t if this is true that they are a scam company.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #67574

Destinations Unlimited is another name they do business under for Sealand Travel The main office is in Colordo.My wife and attended a presention in Gulf Shores, Al.

(14 Aug 2009)We are in the process of trying to cancel the contract.

We weren't planning on buying anything so we did't do the required research.*** us.Forget the free Vacation they offer!

Seeing a lawyer on Monday.


We just came back from going to a Bon Voyage 90 minute show and tell pitching SeLand Travel.They started off at a one time charge of $8995 plus $200 per year forever if we signed up TODAY.

We said no we dont do large money transactions on a TODAY basis. Ok half an hour later it was down to $4995. We still said no not TODAY. As we were walking out the door it dropped down to $2995.

I think if we had stayed longer it would have been dropped even lower.

Jim Labowsky February 21, 2009.


I am very sorry to all that have been scammed by this company or any of the other travel club scams out there.Royal Palms is owned by a man named Adrian Miller who lives in Grapevine.

He has been involved in almost every travel club scam to hit DFW for the last 8 years or so. You are very correct in the fact that you can get much better deals on the internet for all your travel needs. Adrian has been involved with such companies as Suncountry travel, Horizon Travel, Beachcomber vacations, Castaway vacation club and many more. A few of these companies have been completely shut down by various Attorney Generals and those that are still opperating are being investigated in numerous different states.

Adrians phone number is (972) 971-1315. The best way to get your money back from this travel club scam is to dispute the charges with your credit card company and tell them you did not recieve the product you were promised. It is time we all stand up and take down these scammers and make them get real jobs like everyone else. Another way to get your money back is to make signs and flyers and hand them out in front of the building they are doing business in.

Adrian and his cronies will quickly try to get you to calm down and refund your money so that you dont mess up his chances to scam all his new potential targets as they walk in.If you have more questions about how these guys opperate please leave your questions here and i will try to respond the best I can.


8616 Quivira Rd

Shawnee Mission, KS 66215

(913) 859-9752

Mark Warden

This is your Guy

Lea, England, United Kingdom #35443

I wish we had done some homework too since not only were we *** enough to waste the time in their presentation-we got carried away and signed up for a membership. Now, we are in the process of trying to get a full refund and have put the charge into dispute on our credit card.

If anyone has any information about the legal names of the principals of this operation and/or contact information for them I would appreciate it if you could share it with me. We may find we have to file a claim in court and need that info in order to do that.

For anyone checking out this company, here is the information I have gleaned from several hours of Internet searching plus personal experience:

- A password is required to access the company’s travel website, which is supposed to show specifics of the travel savings available. However, the password is not provided to buyers until after the legally required 3 day cancellation period has expired

- The sales arm of the operation appears to have changed names and locations at least twice in the last three months in the Dallas area according to past buyers who say Royal Palm was previously operating as Phoenix Travel in a different Galleria Tower location

- Numerous complaints have been lodged on the Internet by previous buyers against both Royal Palm and Phoenix and some are pursuing filings with the State of Texas Attorney General’s office and the Better Business Bureau. Several are looking to join a class action law suit against one of the two enterprises.

- According to a quick Internet search, this firm or its affiliates appear to have operated under many names and in many locations over the past few years, including: Royal Palms Travel, Bon Voyage, Sea Land, Phoenix, Beachcombers, Via Vacations and Castaways. There does not seem to be any public record that has actually existed as that entity for the number of years claimed in the sales presentation.

- While a 3 day “cooling off period” is required by law, Royal Palm Travel tries to assess cancellation penalties that can run higher than $1000 based on a $399 “processing fee” and 15% of the purchase price as a “restocking fee”

Lastly, if you really want to go ahead and buy, be aware they are completely negotiable - so don't pay even close to their asking price. I have seen postings where people have purchased for one tenth of the $8995 starting price!

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